Finger Plays // Log

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Enchantment as a state of openness to the disturbing-captivating elements in everyday experience. Enchantment as a window onto the virtual secreted within the actual. Enchantment, in the model I am defending, as operative in a world without telos.
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The ordinary is a circuit thats always tuned in to some little something somewhere. A mode of attending to the possible and the threatening, it assesses the resonance of things.
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I realised that the search for the Knowledge has encouraged us to think of the House as if it were a sort of riddle to be unravelled, a text to be interpreted, and that if ever we discover the Knowledge, then it will be as if the Value has been wrested from the House and all that remains will be mere scenery.
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Hey, are you coming?
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Nevermind, I'll check the logs...